Start your new journey in the
Netherlands right here

Start your new journey in the Netherlands right here


Finding a home, renting or buying? In our Housing section we explore tax benefits due to savings and tax regulations in the Netherlands when buying a home. For assignments of less than three years, in the current market, it is usually better to rent.


Register with the GBA at your local town hall within five days of arrival, and make an appointment with the IND for a residence permit, if you need one. Make sure your documents have all the right stamps.

Dutch bank account

There are several global banks in The Netherlands. After choosing a bank in the Netherlands you'll need to go along with your passport and/or residence permit and BSN, proof of address.

Health Insurance

A basic health insurance policy is compulsory in the Netherlands, and if you own a car, you must have liability insurance for it. In the Netherlands, insurances can be obtained at your bank, as well as other companies and organizations.


The Dutch government aims to create an attractive environment and welcomes knowledge workers and talent from abroad. The Netherlands is on the international list of most attractive countries to do business with.

Learning Dutch

Is speaking Dutch a necessity in The Netherlands? In the larger cities the Dutch speak very good English and you will get by without a problem. Doing your shopping without knowing the basics of talking Dutch isn't going to be a problem.


Are you looking for an Immigration Lawyer in Amsterdam? A company to walk your dog? A cleaner to clean your house? We listed companies with an English speaking staff to help you with all your needs.


The most common avenue for job seekers, not only for searching and registering your details but also to keep up to date with prospective employers.

Amsterdam trying to stop investors buying cheap housing

Amsterdam city council plans to stop investors buying up cheaper properties and renting them out, when new legislation comes into force in January....

Dutch inflation hits 3.8%, fuel and gas prices soar

The annual rate of inflation in the Netherlands reached 3.8% in October, just below the eurozone average of 4.1%, according to new calculations by...

Housing rents nearing all-time highs as new expats arrive

Rental prices in the Vrije Sector (unregulated housing sector) are nearing all-time highs again after dropping for the past year,...

UK based companies looking to The Netherlands post Brexit

British companies are increasingly looking at the Netherlands in their search for ways to continue to serve their customers in the European Union...