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UK based companies looking to The Netherlands post Brexit

1/28/2021 ANP Brexit

British companies are increasingly looking at the Netherlands in their search for ways to continue to serve their customers in the European Union now that the United Kingdom has officially left it. They are opening branches in the Netherlands, or outsourcing logistics or tax services to Dutch...

Snap the city & learn Dutch

1/28/2021 Flowently Learning dutch

Improve your Dutch skills while taking photos with your smartphone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to combine learning a new language with doing something you love, like taking pictures? That’s exactly what we will do! Our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. You may...

In touch with the Dutch – Interview

1/17/2021 Flowently Learning dutch

How do internationals manage finding their way, tackle challenges and create their life in a new hometown? The first in this series of interviews is with Graziella and Sylvain, who recently moved to Amsterdam with their two kids.


Hello there! What...

Yes, it's snowing! Where to ski and snowboard in the Netherlands?

1/23/2019 Team Fun

Yes, snow in the Netherlands! As a kid we would walk up to the highest hill in Bloemendaal and snowboard down. Great times. However the hill was about 20 meters high so you tend to walk a lot. The highest mountain in the Netherlands is 400 meters and is located all the way down south in a...

Eat, meet, share! 7 things you should know about Nibblr, the newest social dining experience.

1/14/2019 Isla Pearson Social Dining

1. Nibblr is a social dining app that connects you to those offering homemade meals in your city Remember your first date at that one restaurant you love? Or Christmas dinner with your family? Think about it: the best moments in life usually happen around the dinner table. And we should create...

One thing that most people forget to learn a how it stops you from speaking Dutch

9/11/2018 Albert Both Dutch

Have you ever liked the idea of speaking Dutch with all the people around you in Holland? Then probably you must have noticed that learning Dutch is not always easy. On top of that maybe you have also discovered this: learning Dutch and actually speaking Dutch seem to be different things. Luckily...


7/19/2018 Janine Beck Amsterdam

Moving around Amsterdam on a bicycle is one of my top three reasons for calling this beautiful, vibrant, creative, entrepreneurial city my home. 10-20 minute bike rides to get anywhere are the norm in this city, and biking is like a rite of passage in to ‘local-hood’.  Cycle for...

Taxation in The Netherlands under the 30% tax rule

7/19/2018 Maurice Witlox Taxation

Foreign employees hired by a Dutch employer can be entitled to the so called 30% tax ruling. This means that 30% of the gross income is being paid without any taxes withheld on that part. This is results in a much higher nett spendable income. 

The employee needs to meet one of...

Employers urge new trade bloc with US against China

7/5/2018 DutchNews Economy

Dutch employers organisations are urging the government to lobby hard to form a new trade bloc with the US to create a counterbalance against China, the Financieele Dagblad said on Thursday.
Such a move would give the World Trade Organisation more teeth, VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland wrote in a...

Youth unemployment at all-time low this century

7/5/2018 CBS Economy

For eight months now, unemployment among youth has fallen below the lowest point before the economic crisis in 2008. At European level, the Netherlands is in the top three of countries with the lowest youth unemployment rate.
Only Germany and the Czech Republic have lower rates, Statistics...

6% of international graduates set up a company here

7/5/2018 CBS Economy

Within seven years after graduating from a Dutch university, around one in sixteen international alumni have set up their own business in the Netherlands. This is one of the findings in the latest edition of the ‘Internationalisation Monitor’ published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS)....

Economic situation improves slightly

4/5/2018 CBS Economy

According to the CBS Business Cycle Tracer, the economic situation has improved slightly in March compared to the previous month. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that all indicators in the Tracer published mid-March are performing above the level of their long-term trend. Statistics...

House prices nearly 8 percent higher

10/7/2017 CBS Housing

In August 2017, prices of owner-occupied houses (excluding new constructions) were on average 7.8 percent higher than in the same month last year. This price increase has been more or less the same for the past four months. Residential property prices have risen since June 2013, according to the...

House prices 7.8 percent higher

7/6/2017 CBS Housing

Prices of owner-occupied houses (excluding new constructions) were on average 7.8 percent higher in May 2017 than in May last year. This is the most substantial price increase since April 2002. Residential property prices have risen since June 2013, according to the price index of owner-occupied...

Interested in learning Dutch in Nijmegen?

7/1/2017 Dorothée Brands Dutch Courses

Reviews of two of my students:

"The lessons were great and I was lucky to have Dorothée as my Dutch language teacher because she has great patience.
She could very well explain difficult things which made it much easier for me to learn the language quickly and to get my...

Economic situation improves further

4/20/2017 CBS Economy

According to the CBS Business Cycle Tracer, the economic situation is improving further in April. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that all indicators in the Tracer published mid-April are situated in the green quadrant, which means that all indicators are improving and performing above the...

Free Expat Housing Seminar in Haarlem

2/28/2017 Expat Housing Housing

We would like to bring to your attention our next free Expat Housing Seminar in Haarlem, Stempels Brasserie, Klokhuisplein 9 on March 7th.   Four speakers will take the stage and inform expats alike on the legal financial, and practical matters involved when buying a...

Largest house price increase in 14.5 years

2/9/2017 CBS Housing

Prices of owner-occupied houses (excluding new constructions) were on average 6.7 percent higher in December 2016 than in December 2015. This is the most substantial price increase in 14.5 years. In 2016, house prices were on average 5 percent up from 2015 according to the price index of...

Dutch consumer confidence improves slightly in January

2/9/2017 CBS Economy

According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the mood among Dutch consumers is somewhat more positive in January 2017 than in December. The consumer confidence indicator increased by 1 point to 13 in January, the highest level in 9.5 years.
The small increase is due to consumers being more...

Expat Mobile - Participate in our survey and win a Gift Card.

1/25/2017 Expat Mobile Mobile

Expat Mobile is interested in your customer journey. Once we have a better picture of the steps and decisions you went through when obtaining your mobile subscription we can improve our service offering. We would be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to fill in our customer survey. In...

Expats in Amsterdam should be aware of the risks renting from distrustfulrental agencies

12/15/2016 Financieele Dagblad / Dutchnews Housing

Expats in Amsterdam are regularly ripped off by dodgy landlords and housing agencies, the Financieele Dagblad reported on Wednesday. Often they must pay sky-high fees, can be evicted from their homes without reason and never have their deposit returned, the paper said. International tenants are...

All 13 Dutch universities make the Times Ed top 200 list

10/23/2016 CBS Education

All 13 Dutch research-led universities are included in the Times Higher Education ranking of the top 200 universities in the world for the first time. Like last year, eight Dutch institutions make the top 100. Delft University of Technology is highest ranked, in 59th place. Amsterdam is second in...

House prices rise 22% in Amsterdam in just one year.

10/16/2016 News Housing

Last month, banking group UBS said the housing market in Amsterdam is over-valued and edging close to being a real estate bubble risk. The sharpest increase in the UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index in Europe over the last year was measured in Stockholm, followed by Munich, London and Amsterdam....

Hotel2Stay Serviced Studios

9/1/2016 Hotel2Stay Housing

Hotel2Stay is a modern and stylish 3 star hotel in Amsterdam. Choose a flexible stay at our serviced studios with a boutique-like flair. Staying longer? We thought you might! As our guest you are welcome to stay with us up to six...

Tourism sector increasingly important

9/1/2016 CBS Economy

The tourism sector is becoming ever more important to the Dutch economy. In 2015, tourist spending was around 5 percent up from the previous year for the second consecutive year. The value of this expenditure has risen to a total of 72.7 billion euros, according to Statistics Netherlands...

Unemployment down to 6 percent

9/1/2016 CBS Economy

The Netherlands had 541 thousand unemployed in July, equivalent to 6.0 percent of the labour force. In April, unemployment stood at 572 thousand or 6.4 percent of the labour force. According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), the strongest decline is in the percentage of unemployed aged 45 and...

Economy continues to grow

9/1/2016 CBS Economy

The Dutch economy continued to grow in the second quarter of 2016. According to the first estimate based on currently available data, economic growth amounted to 0.6 percent relative to the previous quarter. The growth is mainly due to rising investments and consumption. Net exports also...

Statistics Netherlands: average inflation rate over 2015 lowest since 1987

1/11/2016 CBS Economy

Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that the inflation rate over 2015 averaged 0.6 percent, the lowest increase in consumer prices since 1987. Falling oil prices in particular kept inflation low.

Inflation exceptionally low
Average inflation has been unusually low for the...

Dutch house prices nearly 4 percent up from one year previously

12/28/2015 Sandra Housing

Prices of owner-occupied houses (excluding new constructions) were on average 3.8 percent higher in November 2015 than in November 2014. This is the most substantial year-on-year price increase in 7.5 years. Since June 2013, prices of owner-occupied houses have inched up, according to the price...

Dutch economy grows 0.1% in 2015 third quarter

12/28/2015 DutchNews Economy

The Dutch economy grew just 0.1% in the third quarter of this year, making it unlikely full-year growth will meet the forecast 2%.
The national statistics office CBS also put third-quarter growth at 0.1% in its first estimates published in November. ‘If we want to hit 2%, then we need...

Health insurance in The Netherlands for expats

6/6/2015 Koen - Zorgwijzer Health Insurance

Expats that are living and/or working in the Netherlands are usually required to take out basic health insurance to cover the costs of (unexpected) medical care, such as consulting a General Practitioner (GP), medication and hospital treatment. Optionally, additional insurance, such as coverage...

Housing in the Netherlands

6/3/2015 Sandra Housing

What's going on in the Dutch House Market?
The market rallied strongly at the end of 2014 Between 150,000 and 170,000 homes are expected to change ownership in 2015, following 153,000 transactions in 2014
House prices expected to rise by an average of between 1 and 3% compared to 2014...

Most expats say their life in the Netherlands is good

5/2/2015 Dutchnews General

Some 84% of expats rate their quality of life in the Netherlands as good to great, according to a new survey by Just seven people in the poll of 1,300 rated their quality of life as poor, the survey, carried out online in mid-April, found. readers were also asked what...

Sailing at the Wadden Sea and around Amsterdam

10/22/2014 Sandra Culture

Captain Quality is a booking agency for historic ships on the Wadden Sea and trips from Amsterdam. First and foremost, the high-quality of our ships sets us apart from the rest. They have been specially selected for their high class, luxury interiors and spaciousness. So there’s no bringing...

Discussing expat stories while the dunes near Haarlem

10/3/2014 Rachel Events

Dear Expat, New in the country? Feeling somewhat lost? Not understanding the culture or language yet? Wanting to socialize but don't know how? Are you a little sportive? Do you like to be outside? Well, here's my thought: I'd like to meet up on regular days to go jogging or walking or running...

Your New Home in the Netherlands

9/13/2014 Internations Housing

Have you taken steps towards relocating to the Netherlands? Here are a few things to keep in mind when making the transition to your new home.

1)      Politics: The Kingdom of the Netherlands

Move aside Prince William, King Willem-Alexander is in the...

Four Dutch universities make world top 100 list

3/17/2014 Sandra Education

In the 2014 report, TU Delft rose from the 51-60 range to claim a spot in the prestigious Top 50, coming in at number 42.
This makes TU Delft the highest-ranked university in the Netherlands and among the top three technological institutes in Europe.
While the city of Delft boasts the...

The undiscovered possibilities of renting furniture in The Netherlands!

1/24/2014 Ruben Oraile Renting furniture

It just happens too often! You have found the perfect house, in the perfect area, but you have to say no because it's unfurnished. This will not be a problem any longer!

Have you ever thought about renting furniture?

Moving-In Dutch Interior Rentals is a great furniture rental...

Welcome to the Netherlands: Psychology tips for newcomers

10/27/2013 Mariza Thanopoulou Psychology

Whatever your reason for moving to the Netherlands, there was a moment when you decided to overcome your doubts, change your life and become a cell of the Dutch society. Taking this step, whether or not you feel excited about it, means that you have some hopes and expectations.

In the...

Free ebook Don't Worry Speak Dutch!

10/11/2013 Albert Both Dutch language

There is a great new resource for those who want to speak great Dutch. It is a free report Don't Worry Speak Dutch, written by Albert Both, a passionate language coach and also known as Mr. Dutch Brainwash.

One thing is certain... you will discover many amazing things. You will start to...

A workspace or office in Amsterdam?

10/10/2013 Sandra Workspace

Are you looking for a workspace (desk) or office in Amsterdam? 14 offices on great locations like the Herengracht, Waterlooplein, Rokin and Westerpark offer you afforable desks or entire offices. Check for more information the website


9/2/2013 Henk Jansen Housing

Expats who come to the Netherlands often spend their first weeks in a hotel. In many cases, it is the employer who arranges this. And then they set out to find a place to live; almost always a rental home. There are two segments in the Dutch rental sector: short stay and long stay. Short stay...

Taxation in The Netherlands under the 30% tax rule

9/2/2013 Maurice Witlox Taxation

Foreign employees hired by a Dutch employer can be entitled to the so called 30% tax ruling. This means that 30% of the gross income is being paid without any taxes withheld on that part. This is results in a much higher nett spendable income.

The employee needs to meet one of the...