House prices 7.8 percent higher

7/6/2017 CBS Housing

Prices of owner-occupied houses (excluding new constructions) were on average 7.8 percent higher in May 2017 than in May last year. This is the most substantial price increase since April 2002. Residential property prices have risen since June 2013, according to the price index of owner-occupied houses, a joint publication by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Land Registry Office.

Prices 17.7 percent up from dip in June 2013
In August 2008 house prices reached a record. Subsequently, they fell to a low in June 2013. Since then, the trend has been upward.
House prices are currently 7.6 percent below the record level of August 2008 and 17.7 percent higher than during the price dip in June 2013.
The average price level of owner-occupied houses in May 2017 was about the same as during the summer of 2006.