BSN (Burgerservicenummer)

To work in the Netherlands, you must have a social security number (in Dutch, a BSN or Sofi number).
This number means that you have registered with the tax authorities and the social security system.
If you plan to stay longer than three months, you must register in the municipality where you live, which will issue you a social security number.
If you plan to stay for a shorter period, however, or if you continue to live in another country while you are working in the Netherlands, you must apply to the tax authorities for a Sofi (social and fiscal) number. If you are employed, your employer will withhold social contributions and wage tax from your salary, which will then be transferred to the government agencies concerned.
This contribution takes place in anticipation of the annual income tax you are required to pay.

For more information and the addresses of tax authority offices, see or ring 0800 - 0543 (inside the Netherlands) or +31 555 38 53 85 (outside the Netherlands).