Renting a house

For assignments of less than three years, in the current market, it is usually better to rent. Rental costs are fixed, contracts can be ended if you need to go back home, and the headaches of repairs and maintenance are the property owner's responsibility. Also, there is no loss through having to resell before your costs can be covered, nor the hassle of waiting for the property to sell should the market be slow again.

Houses for rent are available in three different states of furnishing: Bare (kaal). There are no carpets, curtains, light fittings, etc., though there probably will be a fitted kitchen. Built-in appliances such as a cooker and possibly a fridge or dishwasher may be present. Soft-furnished (gestoffeerd). The fittings will include everything in the "bare" category, and also carpets and curtains. Furnished (gemeubileerd). Completely furnished - generally including appliances, cutlery, crockery, bed linen, etc.

Private rentals

Estate agents and 'high street' housing agencies manage private rental housing. The rental price for these houses is considerably higher than accommodation found through a municipal housing agency or a housing association, but in general, these houses are available for immediate tenancy.