Tax returns

At the beginning of every year, a tax form for the previous year becomes available on the Tax Administrations website.

Migrated to the Netherlands

People who have migrated to the Netherlands during the previous year will receive a so-called M form. This form is not available online and will be sent to your home address. You can also order this form by calling the Tax Service, phone number 0800-0543. Non-resident taxpayers (individuals whose main place of residence is outside the Netherlands) are required to complete the so-called C form. This form is also available on the tax administrations website.

Tax return forms

Besides the annual tax return forms, preliminary tax return forms for the current year are also available. Such forms enable you to claim tax refunds in an earlier stage. If you use these forms, you will not have to wait for the final settlement following your declaration at the end of the year, before receiving your refund.

Tax administration

Although it is the tax administration's goal to make tax matters as easy as possible for you, a basic understanding of the system is still necessary. Due to the fact that you have been recruited from abroad and your personal circumstances may differ from those of Dutch native inhabitants, we advise you to seek assistance from a tax advisor who is specialized in international tax issues.

Dutch Income Tax Calculator

There are various website with a Dutch Income Tax Calculator so you can easily check what for example the 30% Tax Rule will do in your situation.
Check it out Tax Calculator